Recover Lost or Deleted Data from Apple Drives

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It is human to make mistakes and it is natural for accidents to happen. Hence it is normal that sometimes while working on a computer, users may have accidentally erased vital information or may have deleted important data. Computer and software developers have anticipated this problem and have developed methods to help users who find themselves in this situation recover lost date. The recovery of deleted or lost data depends on a number of factors including how long back the data was lost, how much data you are trying to recover and from where. In this article, you will find valuable tips on how to recover lost or deleted data from Apple drives using a data recovery tool like Disk Drill.

Step 1: Install the recovery tool: You can go to the Disk Drill website, download the “diskdrill.dmg” file on your computer and install the program. Once the program is installed you will need to enter the administrator password of your computer and give Disk Drill permission to scan your drive.

Step 2: Select the Drive: After Disk Drill is installed it will perform an initial scan of your system. Once that is done go to the main Disk Drill window. You should see a list of drives connected to your computer. Choose the drive from where you need to recover information and select ‘Restore’. Now Disk Drill will search through the drive and attempt to undelete protected data.

Step 3: Quick Scan : If the recovery tool is unable to undelete data from the drive it will automatically move to the next option, a quick scan. The wonderful thing about this method is that Disk Drill is able to recover files along with the metadata, including the names of the files. This method can efficiently recover files from most files systems including NTFS, FAT and HFS/HFS.

Step 4: Deep Scan : If both the recovery and the quick scan feature could not restore the required data from the drive, Disk Drill will adopt the deep scan method. This involves an in-depth analysis of the entire drive at a binary level. Because of the advanced nature of the scan, it can even take several hours depending on the amount of data. There is only one drawback of this method, it will not preserve metadata. This means that the original file names will be lost. Still, once the scan is complete you can simply preview the results and locate the lost or deleted files.

Loss or corruption of data by accident or human error is understandable. But sometimes data is lost through deliberate theft or malware. Apple takes the security and protection of private data very seriously. If you feel that your data was lost because of a cyber-attack or because of a virus or bug in the system then it a best to communicate the same by calling the Apple Australia Contact . You can reach out to Apple customer support any time of the day to receive clarification on any issue you may encounter.

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