The different kinds of flowers

The different kinds of flowers

The type of flower used for the decorations mostly depends upon the type of function, people and the location. Here we will discuss some kinds of floral arrangements which are very popular and used almost at every event. They are.

  • Tulips. Tulips are very gorgeous flowers. These type of flowers seems to stoop so this is why they have to be firmly packed in the vase.
  • Roses. Bowls of fish, glass containers and vases are the perfect places to arrange these type of flowers.
  • Lilies. Lilies are considered to be elegant flowers but make sure to put your cats away from lilies because they can be toxic for them.
  • Holly. These type of flowers comes under your budget and are usually used at festivals which are held in winters.
  • Orchids. Orchids are very common all over the year. One tip for saving orchids is to never keep them inside the fridge. You can clean them easily if you cut some more stem.
  • Daisies. These type of flowers are very simple yet elegant and can be used at almost every function. Wherever daisies are put, that place looks colorful.
  • Cherry Blossoms. These flowers are kept fresh if you cut them quickly in the morning and make sure that every stem has enough space.

What are the types of functions where flowers can be used?

Following are some types of functions where you can use flowers.

  • Flowers for wedding
  • Flowers for exclusive parties
  • Flowers for the launching of brands or products
  • Flowers for the meetings of the companies
  • Flowers for ceremonies

How can you choose the ideal and flawless flowers for your functions?

  • The most important thing you should look is what kind of flowers are in season. It looks trendy and stylish to use the flowers that are in season.
  • Make sure you choose the flowers according to your event. If suppose, your functions is having a light tone then the flowers should also be light whereas if the tone is dark, the flowers should be accordingly.
  • Stay within the limit of your budget but use flowers of good quality.
  • Make sure to put such kind of flowers which are according to your guests because some people have allergies with some flowers. So, keep this thing in mind. Discuss your choices with a flower shop in Al Wahda Mall.