The IVF race and causes of infertility

The IVF race and causes of infertility

In the technological race of different countries, Arab states are not skipping a chance to become number one. Being one of the most beautiful and luxurious place to live on earth, Dubai is now working to spread advancement among the people. In the past when people used to get diagnosed with diseases, infertility became a question mark for highly qualified doctors and scientists. To overcome this misfortune, ivf clinics in Dubai are being opened for public care and satisfaction. Dubai is not the only example of a well developed state that is toiling for such issues, all of the neighboring countries are also showing efforts to make ways to avoid difficulties in human life. The main question is how does infertility occurs? What could be the most common and possible causes for such disability. Well, here is the list of seeds that are responsible in growing infertility.

Infertility occurs when testicles become undescended.

Cousin marriages are often responsible for infertility because they cause harmfulness in genetics and injury in DNA.

Losing the control over diabetes causes infertility.

Insects are responsible for spreading bacteria; therefore the diseases caused by the invasion of bacteria over a human body give birth to infertility.

Factories are involved in wasting a bulky amount of smoke into the air which causes pollution due to which different kind of infection occur and play a significant role in developing infertility.

Majority of people waste time in the activities of ejaculation and the worst part is that they become addicted which drops their sperm count and causes erectile dysfunction and infertility.

A serious care to the organs of the body is needed every moment. An unexpected injury to the reproductive organs of the body can make the person infertile for life time.

After analyzing all the above factors, it is determined that a pleasant environment and healthy food is very necessary for couples, especially when they are planning a re production process or the female is pregnant. The stability of mental peace is the most important aspect of things to be cared about as the baby’s mind keeps capturing when the male is saying and what the female is feeling. Therefore people who are lucky enough not to have a depressing disability like infertility, should take care of their health for the sake of the future of upcoming generation. Visit here for further details.