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Ipad black screen error

iPad Black Screen error  

iPads are among the best range of Apple devices which are smart sleek and compact in size. Many users prefer these devices as they are affordable and come packed with a variety of features. Even they are easy to use and are noncomplex. But at times, users come across certain issues with their iPads. And the most commonly encountered one is the issue of black screen or commonly known as BSOD. This snag occurs in laptops, computers, and tablet and even on smartphones. But the good news is that issue can be sorted out by dialing Apple customer support number where the technical executives will rectify the error. However, it is advised that before reaching to the experts you must try troubleshooting.

The iPad black screen is not new and occurs all of a sudden leading to device freeze up and inability to access. This can be due to a recent update or any other reason but you can follow the given troubleshooting guide.

Solution: Fixing iPad black screen error or startup issues

  • Charge your iPad – use the device to the maximum extent and wait for it to exhaust and then recharge it. If you are unable to access it due to startup issues then directly connect it to the power source and charge it fully.
  • Set your iPad to DFU mode – hold the power and home buttons together for a while until you see the Apple logo and then release them. This will probably fix the glitch.
  • Use iPad recovery mode – it works very well but you must ensure that you are running the latest version of iTunes. Connect the USB cable to the computer, turn off the iPad completely and then link it to the computer by pressing and holding the home button. When you will see the ‘connect to iTunes screen’, your device will be detected and it will enter into the recovery mode.

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If these solutions will be performed adequately then the black screen error and even other iPad startup issues will be fixed without any difficulty. You can contact Apple support in case if there is some confusion with the troubleshooting steps. The qualified technicians will relevantly help you.

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