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Fix ipod error 14

How to fix iPod error 14

If you are an active Apple user then you would have surely confronted with many errors. Generally, an error occurs in iPhone or Mac but rarely in iPod. The occurrence of iPod error 14 is very common with the users. This particularly occurs due to many reasons. And it is very important to troubleshoot it as early as possible so that you can use the device without any problem. iPod is a device through which users can have comfortable access to the music via iTunes app. This specific error can be rectified by the given steps.

This error happens when you try to update your IOS device to the new version as well as while restoring the backup. This step by step guide will prove very helpful to eliminate the error permanently.

Fixing iPod error 14

  • Check the USB Cable: This error arises when you have USB connection issues. Try using a different USB port or the cable. It is always recommended to use the cable from the original manufacturer that is Apple.
  • Restart your iPod: It might sound weird but almost every trouble can be fixed by restarting the device. You can try this too so that the error can be removed.
  • Backup and try a clean restore: If you have saved your data in iPod’s iTunes then you can back-up the files and perform a clean restore of the device. Install the latest software update too.
  • Update iTunes: Apple always keeps on releasing the latest version of updates for its device. Be it Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod the updates need to be performed with utmost guidance otherwise other troubles might occur.
  • Turn off security software: If you have any security software installed then you must turn it off and then try to update and restore your iPod again. If the error persists then uninstall the security software.

You can reach out to the team of experts available at the Apple customer support number to avail the information and relevant help for the error. The professionals have in-depth knowledge of the issues and their solutions.

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